AdroitIT LLC believes in complete transparency while dealing with its clients/customers. AdroitIT LLC follow these mentioned refund policy:


You may cancel the Order contacting AdroitIT LLC Customer Care by telephoneor or request to cancel after sending an email or if you do not receive a confirmation of Service cancellation, you must notify AdroitIT LLC by sending an email to billing@AdroitIT LLC.com/ callblocker@AdroitIT LLC.com.

1.1 14 days Money Back Guarantee:

You are entitled to receive refund in case our Call Blocker device are Faulty and not able to resolve issues.You must apply for this refund within 14 days of purchase . In order to avail the Money Back Guarantee, you are required to send a mail to Callblocker@AdroitIT LLC.com stating your name, details of the payment and the reason for seeking a refund. We would revert to you within 3 working days on details of your refund.

1.2 Refund

You will receive refund or partial refund or any credits already billed to your account within 14 days period.

1.3 Chargeback

In case you have used our product and still file a chargeback, your account would become ineligible to receive a refund from us. In case you have file a chargeback without asking us for a refund, your account would become ineligible to receive a refund from us.

Cancellation Policy / Refund Policy FOR WEB DESIGN

We at AdroitIT LLC LLC, adopt diverse cancellation policies for our various services. For more details on this kindly refer to respective service agreement.

Request related to cancellation or refund must be submitted to the finance and sales department of AdroitIT LLC LLC. Through following emails you can submit your request on info@AdroitIT LLC.COM/ callblcoker@AdroitIT LLC.co On receipt of your request, our accounts department will contact you for issues on cancellation and will advise you related to further process. Until you don’t get cancellation code from our accounts team, your cancellation won’t be considered valid. AdroitIT LLC LLC adopts various refund policies related to different services. For more details refer to individual service agreement.

Possible Reasons for cancellation Refund Amount Explanation for Refund Amount

"Order Cancellation After Making the Payment"

Within 24 Hours-after placing order Up to 90% of the order value We deduct 10% amount because we incur cost for payment gateway and accounts when we return the money.

Within 2-7 Days-after payment/advance payment Upto 60% of the order value Backend/Technical team gets assigned into the jobs after payment confirmation so we deduct 40% amount of payment.

After 14 days from the date of confirmation No Refunds No refunds are possible.