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AdroitIT LLC LLC is proud to present the Call Blocker Device! Featuring the latest call-blocking technology, this device is your ultimate weapon against telemarketing calls!

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Reach new heights with AdroitIT LLC LLC!

AdroiotIT LLC is proud to present the Call Blocker Device!


Price : $ 124.99 USD



• Block up to 1,500 incoming phone numbers

• Block entire area codes or prefixes - up to 10 sets

• Block incoming calls with no Caller ID info

• Block 100 outgoing phone numbers, prefixes and area codes

• Stores/browse up to 100 most recent incoming call records

• Stores/browse up to 50 most recent outgoing call records

• Requires user-changeable Pass Code to remove all numbers stored in blacklist

• Line powered – Requires no external power supplies or batteries

• Maintains settings and stored numbers even after disconnected from phone line

• 16-digit telephone number LCD display with 4 levels of brightness

• Works worldwide, compatible with FSK/DTMF, PSTN landlines, and VOIP services

Call Blocker Device

AdroitIT LLC LLC is proud to present the Call Blocker Device! Featuring the latest call-blocking technology, this device is your ultimate weapon against telemarketing calls! Block My Call has a simple 1-Touch BlackList feature which can block all kinds of incoming spam: marketing calls, survey calls, robocalls, sales calls, scam calls-- you name it. The Call Blocker Device can block calls from entire area codes-- even countries. This is the best call blocking product on the market.


The Block My Call simply connects between your telephone handset and your telephone line. You must have Caller ID switched on from your telecom provider in order for the Block My Call to receive caller’s information. Simply take the telephone line out the back of your telephone handset and connect it to the Block My Call, then using the cable provided, connect the Block My Call into your telephone handset. That’s it! Set up complete. Once connected, the Block My Call will disconnect any nuisance calls you do not wish to receive. For example, function 6 allows you to block callers who hide their Caller ID information. We find with this function, the vast majority of nuisance calls can be intercepted without your phone even ringing. You can blacklist the caller from the incoming call memory, or by simply pressing the * key before hanging up, thereby adding that caller to your blacklist. The caller will not be able to call you again, until you choose to remove them from your blacklist. Using the number prefix setting, you can block out area codes, or even entire countries. When a 'blacklisted' caller next tries to call you, the Block My Call disconnects the call for you, and all the caller will hear is dead line--never bothering you again! The BLock My Call runs on power from your telephone line, without the need for any additional power supply, so it is completely eco-friendly too!



Silent & Dropped Calls

You go to answer your phone and the line is dead, call is dropped immediately, or you hear noise in the background, but no one is talking. These calls can be very disturbing--who knows who is on the line! Although sometimes these calls can be malicious, usually they are call centers using an auto-dialer to check if your personal telephone number is still in use and valid for resale. These calls are usually made from a withheld number, and hence cannot be blocked unless you have the Block My Call.

Calls from withheld, unavailable or private numbers

A lot of call centers dial out from a withheld number. Especially the types of call centers who do not abide by the official “Do Not Call” register: The Telephone Preference Service. Some international calls do not show their caller ID, displaying only as “unavailable”. This makes it tricky to find out details on the company, and so the Telephone Preference Service is unable to prevent calls from international call centers. Our service allows you to stop all of these calls.

Live sales and marketing calls from domestic Companies.

Once you have opted out of receiving sales and marketing calls, by law, companies have 28 days to remove your personal information from their databases. Any sales and marketing companies contacting you after this time are breaking the law. However, time and time again, companies have continued to call, despite millions of complaints to the FTC about such practices. The simplest solution to this problem is to install the Block My Call device and not have to worry about receiving sales and marketing calls any longer!

International CallsMany US-based companies outsource to call centers overseas. In this way they can overcome the official “Do Not Call" register, because international call centers are not governed by US law. The language barrier and persistence of these callers is frustrating to say the least. While many centers do quality work, a lot of scam calls originate from international call centers.

Survey & Market Research Calls

Companies are getting smart. If you have already opted out of receiving sales and marketing calls, call centers can get around this by contacting you to do a “survey”. At the end of the survey, a cleverly-worded question can opt you in to receiving calls about specific products. With Block My Call, you can avoid this risk entirely.

Calls from numbers that don’t look like real numbers

Call centers and scam companies overseas use a program to display numbers that don’t look like legitimate phone numbers. These are called “SPOOF” numbers, and allow companies to conceal their true identity. Call centers within the US also use a similar technology; however, the number will resemble a real number. When you try and call these numbers back, you receive a message stating that the number is not in service. Stop receiving such unsolicited calls with the Block My Call!

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